Frequently Asked Questions by clients

What type of service do you offer?

We offer deep clean or weekly service to do your weekly household chores.

How soon can a cleaner start?

Normally within a week depending on your requirements and which day of the week you need the cleaner to come.

Can I have a cleaner once a fortnight?

Unfortunately we don’t offer a fortnightly service. It causes too many problems because cleaners are looking for a regular income each week, and as good cleaners are in high demand they prefer to work for clients that want them on a weekly basis.

Will the cleaner come on the same day each week?

Yes they will, but if you need to change your regular day you should talk to your cleaner to make sure they are available on that day. Friday is a particularly busy day, so try to avoid a change to a Friday if possible.

Does the same cleaner come every week?

As long as you are happy with the cleaner we send you they will be with you every week. A replacement cleaner is only used if your regular cleaner is sick, leaves the agency, or you become dissatisfied with them.

What should I do if the cleaner fails to turn up?

Whilst every effort is made checking cleaners references for reliability to ensure you get a cleaner that won’t let you down, there is always a possibility that this may happen. Cleaners get sick like everyone else or their children get sick and they have to take them to the doctors, whatever the problem is they should let you and the agency know. Unfortunately sometimes they don’t, so if this should happen phone the agency straight away and we will try to make alternative arrangements for you.

Are cleaners insured?

Insurance is in place for accidental damage to your property or injury to the cleaner when working in a client’s home. Please note the insurance is subject to £10000 excess, so it isn’t for small breakages.

Will the cleaners do ironing?

Most of our cleaners are happy to do ironing, but some of them refuse, so you should state that you need ironing when you order a cleaner.

Can the cleaner come in more than once a week?

The cleaner will come as many days a week as you require, but it must be for a minimum of two hours each time. It’s not fair to expect them to travel to and from your home for just one hours work.

Can I have a more mature cleaner?

We will be pleased to find you a cleaner of your chois, but please bear in mind specific requests can take more time.

Can I pay your agency fees by cheque rather than Standing order?

Yes, you can.

What happens about your agency fees if for any reasons I miss a clean?

If it should happen let the agency know straight away and will refund the appropriate amount by return of post.

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